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Wood Carving and Scrimshaw


1792 Bottle Carving for Barton Brands

This was a Barton Brands commission to carve their 1792 Small Batch Bourbon Bottle.  1792 is the statehood date for Kentucky.  The distillery thought they had the largest elm tree in Kentucky and wanted to preserve the stump as a carving.  This stump is actually composed of 3 elm trees that grew together.The large split is where the 3 trees did not quite become one tree.  There were 2 hand-forged gate pins in the inner trunk and lots of fence wire.  This presented challenges for my chains, but it was a very interesting project.  About 35 hours of carving, not counting transportation and set up.

The project was completed just in time for a 225 year statehood anniversary celebration held at the sculpture.  Most bourbon is aged in oak, this one will be here for the ages in elm!

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