Rob Peterson Carving

Wood Carving and Scrimshaw


St. James Court Lamplighter

I have just completed a 70 hour project for the St. James Court Homeowners Association (HOA).  I was given the commission to turn a 15′ tall 100 year + old oak stump into a carving.  After making a presentation to the HOA complete with my idea and drawings for a Victorian lamplighter and gas lamp I was awarded the job.  In addition to the 70 hours of on site work I produced a half size sculpture to practice and work out some design features.  I am very grateful for this opportunity to complete a project in such a highly visible area.  Thousands are viewing the carving now during the St. James Court Art Festival.  Regular tours are conducted in the area due to the wonderful Victorian homes in the area.  This was a very special experience and the reviews have been good.

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