Rob Peterson Carving

Wood Carving and Scrimshaw


Working and Witnessing in Honduras

Jesus with ChildHad a wonderful trip to Honduras. Worked on a new girls’ home for the Children’s center doing drywall work and carved a Jesus and child for the center. We administered to kids’ health needs and served food at the dump in La Ceiba, and shared many devotions and testimonies. I witnessed with a surviving daughter (Martine) of the family that was murdered last year. She is the cook for the children’s center. Martine would have been there with the family during the attack but was in the hospital having a c-section. It was a very moving moment, when she realized that I was the one that was with her sisters and mother just 2 days prior to this tragedy. Please continue to pray for healing for her and her father and other family survivors. She lost her 2 sisters, her mother and nephew. We visited the Mayan ruins at Copan, Honduras before coming home.

I have attached a photo of the Honduran carving and a scorpion found in my shower one morning. No carving saws available.

International carver- Rob Peterson

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